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  • Unsure what to think about the NSW property market?

    If you’ve been reading the papers like me, you may be more than a little confused about NSW house prices.  It seems they’re going up… no wait, they’ve gone up… no, apparently they’re about to come crashing down?  If you’re t... read more

  • How do you feel about New South Wales stamp duty?

    Our NSW stamp duty is designed to be a progressive tax system - the more you spend on a house, the more stamp duty you pay, which of course makes perfect sense.  However, when house prices rise, this has the unfortunate result of forcing f... read more

  • What does a hot NSW property market mean for you?

    The latest RP Data Property Pulse Report has revealed that Sydney real estate is selling faster than homes anywhere else in Australia.  It seems demand is far exceeding supply, with Sydney homes spending an average of 35 days on the market... read more

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